June 2013:

Some cities along the East coast had more than 1 foot of rainfall, resulting in record- breaking amounts, while others cities across the Southwest, reported not even a drop.

Rainfall totals across portions of Georgia to Massachusetts were quite impressive, with a good chunk of real estate averaging 200% to 300% of normal June precipitation, and a few locals up to 400%. What does that equate to?

Well, for Macon, GA, for instance, that was a whopping 12.25 inches for the month, making it the wettest June on record. Even more remarkable, in the 1st half of the year, through June 2013, Macon received approximately 41 inches of precipitation, more than double the normal amount, and approximately 8 inches more precipitation than all of 2012! (We still have another 6 months to go).

Other cities whom reported the wettest June on record:
Augusta , GA : 10.83 inches
Philadelphia, PA: 10.56 inches (Breaking the June record set back in 1938)
Wilmington , DE: 13.66 inches.

There were many locations that reported the 2nd wettest June on record, including, but
not limited to:
Albany, NY: 8.68 inches
NYC-Central park : 10.10 inches
Providence, RI: 10.08 inches
Worcester,MA; 10.06 inches
Hartford, CT: 10.79 inches

Several cities reported the 3rd wettest June on record, ranging from Raleigh-Durham,
Asheville, Atlantic City, LaGuardia Airport, and Boston, whom received a healthy
10.50 inches.

Meanwhile, in stark contrast to the heavy rainfall, locations in the Southwest had no measurable rainfall, such as Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and down to Los Angeles, with only a measly .01” in Grand Junction, Colorado . Of course, many of these locations typically don’t see heavy rains in June, but this was an exceptionally dry period. Along with dry heat and hot temperatures, wildfires ignited and were especially most prevalent across portions of the Four Corner States with the “Yarnell” fire in Arizona responsible for 19 firefighter deaths.