Been an interesting winter of 2015 so far with snowfall in the Northeast.

Places like Philly recorded below normal snowfall (as of February 17th)
but Boston has been walloped with one snowstorm after the next.

It appears that most low pressure tracks as of late January into February
as been through the Mid-Atlantic states to south/east of Long Island.

This means mostly rain,mixed precipitation, and some snow in Philly since track of low pressure too close and
some milder air dragged into the system . Snow totals through February 17th have been a mere 10.2 inches for the winter,representing a departure of 6.2 inches below normal.

Moving up the I-95 corridor into NYC:.
been snow and mixed precipitation with ice ,and snow totals
through February 17th(at Central Park), have been around 24.4 inches or 6.3 inches above normal, but less than half the amount of snow through the same time back in 2014;
which is certainly bearable compared to next statistic.

in Boston/Worcester area, this low pressure track has been quite ideal for snow and way too much!
This winter, through February 17th, 96.3 inches has fallen in Boston, 103.1 inches for Worcester.
That’s close to or more than 5 feet the normal snowfall and about 7 feet total snowfall
in 3 weeks.
To put this into perspective, the 96.3 or 103.1 inches of snowfall so far is higher than the normal ceiling height of many homes,
which is 8 feet, making these amounts extremely impressive!!

Meanwhile, head way west, and the city of San Francisco, not a drop of rain
in all of January 2015, which has never happened before during the month of January,
with records going back more than 100 years.

Counting down the days to spring, especially in New England!

Brett Zweiback​

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