A meteorological forecasting and consulting service with meteorologists available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing accurate, detailed and dependable forecast information for your production needs. Forecasts are available for all cities in the USA, Canada and other international locations.

Forecasts are provided to all types of production including, but not limited to: features, episodic TV, pilots, photography, commercials, etc. We will work within all types of budgets.

Features of Forecasting Service

  • Verbal consults with a live meteorologist around the clock, 24/7.
  • Customized written forecasts via email.
  • If requested on certain days, a meteorologist can call any crew member you designate to give frequent updates for impending/imminent weather situations,when you have important exterior scenes/sequences.
  • Free verbals for pre-production/location & tech scouts/travel.

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Our past weather experts provide attorneys, insurance adjusters, investigators and other entities detailed weather records in just about any location across the US. We not only use the past weather data from area airports,but have the know-how and experience to “fill in the gaps” and give a clear picture as to what occurred at a specified location and time of day. Opinions are given to a reasonable degree of meteorological certainty.

Past Weather Information

  • Certified Weather Records with a blue ribbon and seal by the US Department of Commerce, for court admissibility
  • Rush services provided
  • Narrative reports. We will give you a courtesy overview of all weather data before commencing any report.
  • raw meteorological data converted into an easy-to-read report that can be turned into an affidavit to be signed and obtained notary by meteorologist
  • Expert testimony including depositions
  • Phone consultations

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