Brett Zweiback

brettBrett established Spot-on Weather in 2011. He became passionate about the weather as a young boy, and maybe a bit too addicted to the Weather Channel since he recalls the days his parents had to call the cable company and block out the Weather Channel (but was still able to sneak it in somehow) and was devastated when he lost his weather radio at Disney World (days long before widespread internet usage). It was fairly easy career choice for Brett and later on, he completed his studies in atmospheric sciences at the University of Albany. While at Albany, Brett interned for the National Weather Service and was also the president of the SUNY Albany meteorology chapter. He later worked for Fox 5 (WNYW) in New York City, and as an independent producer for ABC-TV’s Good Morning America. For Good Morning America, Brett created computer-generated graphics, wrote scripts for anchors and provided frequent real-time weather updates to national ABC-TV affiliates. Brett also worked in the private sector as a meteorological consultant and broadcast meteorologist. He managed the film and forensic division, supervised and trained employees and on numerous occasions, Brett appeared in court as an expert in the field of meteorology. He was also an on-site meteorologist for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for more than a decade. Brett has more than 20 years of experience, specializing in forecasting and past weather litigation.

Brett is a member of the American Meteorological Society and has appeared in the the New York Times, Weatherwise Magazine and for the Discovery Channel.

When not working, Brett keeps quite busy with his 2 children (swimming, gymnastics, art, soccer and more ), and of course with his lovely wife, and enjoys traveling, biking, running and any really outdoor activity as long as it’s not freezing cold.

Kristina Mazur

Kristina Mazur
As a young child, Kristina has always been interested in the weather, showing no fear of thunderstorms. Throughout her school years, when watching the news, she would get excited and pay closer attention during the weather segment. However, when Irene and Sandy impacted New Jersey, these storms spiked Kristina’s interest in exploring the field of meteorology even more. She decided to pursue this interest at Rutgers University and earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Meteorology in May 2017.

In 2016, as an intern at the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma, Kristina completed a research project, and had the opportunity to storm chase through Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. The following year she was an intern at the Ocean Prediction Center in College Park, Maryland where she shadowed forecasters and also completed a research project.

Kristina enjoys dancing, hiking, traveling, relaxing on the beach, and spending time with family and friends.

Matt DeLucia

mattLike most, Matt’s interest in weather began at a young age after experiencing events such as the Blizzard of 1996 and Tropical Storm Floyd in 1999. He graduated from Rutgers University with a B.S. in meteorology and minor in geography in May 2014. During college, Matt was an avid member of the Rutgers Meteorology Club holding positions of media forecaster and AMS coordinator, which involved providing daily forecasts to the university newspaper and organizing a trip for 24 undergraduates to the American Meteorological Society conference in Atlanta, GA during January 2014. He was also heavily involved in WeatherWatcher, a student-run television program providing daily forecasts for the campus.

Matt spent time in southern California during the summer of 2013 as a student intern for the National Weather Service Los Angeles/Oxnard forecast office. After graduating, he also spent two weeks in the Great Plains with Rutgers students and alumni forecasting and observing severe weather, which included witnessing a brief tornado. He is a member of the American Meteorological Society and a trained SKYWARN spotter for the National Weather Service.

Matt is currently pursuing his master’s degree in geosciences/applied meteorology at Mississippi State University via distance learning. When not working for Spot-On Weather, he is a weather producer at CBS2 (WCBS-TV) in New York City. During his free time, Matt enjoys traveling, attending Rutgers football games, and hanging out with friends.

Jane Minar

JaneJane knew she wanted to be a meteorologist at a young age, like most in the weather world. She is passionate about weather communication and wants to teach, share and spark interest in the weather and the environment.

Jane will complete her Bachelor’s Degree in meteorology and minor in digital communication from Rutgers University in May 2019. She began her career at Spot-on Weather as a summer intern in 2017 and has since joined the consultant team. Since September of 2017, she has worked as a broadcast meteorology and production intern at NBC 4 New York where she assists in the production and creation of graphics, constructs weather forecasts, and monitors StormTeam 4’s social media presence.

Outside of weather, Jane most enjoys spending time with family and friends. She is an active member of the Rutgers community and serves as the Vice President of Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority. She also enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors.

Hunter Tubbs

Hunter TubbsHunter graduated from Rutgers University in May 2017 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Meteorology. He has decided to continue his studies and is currently pursuing a PhD in the Rutgers Atmospheric Science graduate program. Hunter grew up with a passion in meteorology and decided to make it his career. Hunter can still remember the first wired indoor/outdoor thermometer that he bought as a small child and from this young age he knew that understanding the atmosphere including how storms are created and impact ecosystems was his true passion.

As a PhD student, he is currently researching the impacts that cyclones will have on infrastructure in the face of Climate Change. He is using global climate models to study how Climate Change is impacting storm development and what it means to society in the future. Through further research, precautions can be implemented to protect life and property from these inevitable disasters.

During his free time, Hunter enjoys going on hikes, relaxing on the beach, or going for a run. He also enjoys watching football and baseball with family and friends.