I have worked in Film & Television production in New York for 13 years. Through fierce winter snowmageddons and blistering, thundery summers, Brett Zweiback at Spot-On Weather has provided accurate predictions, from storm speed & tracking, to wind, rain and everything in between. As an industry, safety is of utmost importance and the information Brett provides allows us to make informed decisions about out shoot schedules without having to take calculated risks. His service is invaluable to the entertainment sector and I could not envisage a shoot happening without his input and expertise. We consider him to be a pivotal member of the family!

Hilary Kehoe-Production Coordinator

Today is our last day of any production work, thank you once again for shepherding us through good and bad weather. You are truly SPOT ON. And thank you for always picking up the phone no matter what time of day. I'll call you on the next big one,

Reggie Robb-Production Manager

"I had an extremely positive experience working with Spot-on Weather. The information was extremely accurate and available 24/7."

Chris Brigham-Executive Producer

"Bonnie and Spot-On's dedication to ensure we received constant updates kept them up many nights. Always happy to help and with a positive attitude, Bonnie practically become another indispensable member of the Production Office.

Paula Stier – Production Coordinator

Brett has always been able to get our production team out of weather related challenges! When planning ahead, Brett can be called to give us guidance on the right decision to make. I can call Brett and ask him how long this rain cloud be lingering over the set? Is the lighting coming our way or are we going to dodge it? He has the most up to date information and weather pattern to help a production make the right decision. His response has always been: "Call me as often as you need to!" And at the end of the day, I call Brett to thank him for the right call... again. That's why he named the company "Spot on Weather." His Crystal ball is always polished.

Manny Danelon -Producer

Brett saved my rear end many times while filming in Boston. His forecasts were always. Spot-On. Even when the odds were against him, he could see the forest through the trees. I couldn't recommend him highly enough. He is always available and easy to get in contact with.

Michael Fottrell-Producer

Brett gets the job done. His forecasts are like the name of his company: Spot-On. Brett has provided weather services on a number of my movies both in the US and at overseas locations and has given me the ability to make accurate day-to-day production decisions. I cannot imagine doing a project without his daily input.

Steve Saeta-Producer

Brett has been working with the film and television industry for many years and most recently with his company, Spot-On Weather. Brett is one of the first calls I make when organizing any Production Office. His weather forecasts are exceptionally accurate and extremely important to the decision making that must be make for exterior shoots. I have found Brett to be personally reliable, accurate and trustworthy. Can't ask for much more. And he's a very nice person as well.

John DeSimone-Production Coordinator

Working in motion picture/television, mother nature can quickly become another type of mother. Brett and his company all but insure that you will not be dealt any weather wild cards. A true professional if there ever was one and one that I never hesitate suggesting.

Gavin Atilano-Production Coordinator